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Sameeksha Sud Biography

Sameeksha Sud‘s biography is of interest subject to everyone. Today we are going to present about Sameeksha Sud’s height, age, girlfriend, family, education, likes and dislikes, career, earnings, etc. In a word, she is one of the top stars in India. She has a special reputation not only in her own country but all over the world. So let’s know the special and important information about her.

General Information

Name: Sameeksha Sud
Profession: Actress, Model, TikTok Star & YouTuber
Age: 30 Years, 4 Month, 0 Days (LIVE)
Husband: N/A
Nationality: Indian

Personal Information

Name Sameeksha Sud
Birth Name N/A
Nick Name Rano
Height 5 Feet 3 Inch
Figure 32-28-34
Weight 00 Kg
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Hair Color Black
Date of Birth 25 April 1993
Age (Current) [age1993/04/25[/age]
Religion Sikhism
Present Address Delhi, India
Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Signature Not Available


School Unknown
College Amity University, Noida
Educational Status Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Noida


Food Paneer Tikka, Pani Puri
Actor/Actress Actors: Rajkummar Rao, Vicky Kaushal
Singer Arijit Singh
Hobbies Dancing, Singing, and Listening to Music
Films Bollywood: –
Hollywood: –
Colour Pink
Perfume Gucci
Holiday Destinations UK
Likes Football


Naresh Kumar Sud

Father (Government Officer)

Naresh Kumar Sud

Radha Sud

Mother (Homemaker)

Radha Sud

No Profile Image Available Male



No Profile Image Available Female



No Profile Image Available Male


N/A (Unmarried)

No Image Available




Affairs N/A


Acting TV: Baal Veer (2012) as ‘Dari Pari’
First Film
Career Turning Point Best Female Debut for “Baal Veer (2012) as ‘Dari Pari’ (2012)
1st success Baal Veer (2012) as ‘Dari Pari’ (2012)” – in which she played the main role. This film gave her one of the Best Female Debut.
Awards Awards, Honours, Achievements:
2021: IWMBuzz Digital Awards- Most Popular Social Media Star

Career statistics

Acting Roles

TV and web series

Year Name Roles
2012 Fear Files, Baal Veer, Gumrah Seen in an episode, Pari, Seen in an episode
2013 Doli Armaano Ki Asha Gaurav Singh
2017 Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee Janki Angad Agarwal
2020 Who’s Your Daddy (Web series) Sukoon Bagga


Salary Rs. 5–10 lakhs/month
Total Income $1 million(Approx)

Style Collection

No Image Available

Sameeksha Sud’s House


Sameeksha Sud's Car Collection

Sameeksha Sud’s Cars


Sameeksha Sud Biography:

Sameeksha Sud, a rising star in the entertainment industry, has captured hearts with her talent and charisma. Here’s a closer look at the critical aspects of her life:


 Born on April 25, 1993, Sameeksha Sud is a dynamic, young personality making waves in the entertainment world.


 Sameeksha’s romantic life has been a subject of interest. Currently in a relationship with [boyfriend’s name] or happily married to [husband’s name], she radiates joy in her personal life.


 Hailing from [place], Sameeksha Sud values her roots. Her family has been a constant support system throughout her journey, contributing to her success in the industry.

Career Highlights:

Since starting her career as [mention early projects], Sameeksha has evolved into a versatile artist.

Social Media Sensation:

 Sameeksha Sud is not just an actor but also a social media sensation. With millions of followers across platforms, she connects with fans through engaging content, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Social media presence:

Sameeksha Sud’s digital footprint extends far beyond her on-screen presence. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to stay updated on her latest projects, travel adventures, and lifestyle. Engage with her vibrant online community and closely examine the women behind the roles.

Upcoming Projects:

Anticipate Sameeksha Sud’s upcoming projects as she continues to explore diverse roles and expand her artistic horizons. Stay tuned for announcements and behind-the-scenes insights into her creative process.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Beyond acting and social media, Sameeksha is a budding entrepreneur. Explore her business ventures, collaborations, and endeavors outside the entertainment realm. From fashion to lifestyle, she’s leaving her mark in various domains.

Fitness and Wellness:

Discover Sameeksha’s approach to fitness and wellness. Whether it’s her workout routines, healthy lifestyle tips, or mindfulness practices, she shares insights that inspire and motivate her audience to lead a balanced life.

Quotes and Mantras:

Get a glimpse into Sameeksha Sud’s mindset through her quotes and mantras. From life philosophies to words of encouragement, her wisdom transcends the screen, offering valuable insights to fans and admirers.

Community Engagement:

Sameeksha is not just a performer; she’s also an advocate for social causes. Explore her involvement in philanthropy, charity events, and community service. Witness how she uses her platform to make a positive impact on society.

Legacy Building:

As Sameeksha Sud’s journey unfolds, witness the legacy she’s building for herself in the entertainment industry. From breaking stereotypes to inspiring the next generation, her impact is not just in the roles she plays but in the narratives she reshapes.


Sameeksha Sud’s story is one of versatility, resilience, and a commitment to authenticity. As she continues to evolve, her narrative becomes exciting to follow. Please stay connected with this multifaceted artist as she navigates the dynamic landscape of entertainment and beyond, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of her audience.

When was Sameeksha Sud born?

Sameeksha Sud was born on April 25, 1993.

Is Sameeksha Sud married?

Sameeksha Sud is currently [in a relationship with/ married to] [Boyfriend’s/Husband’s Name].

What are Sameeksha Sud’s career highlights?

Sameeksha Sud started her career with [mention early projects] and has since achieved success in various roles, showcasing her versatility.

What is Sameeksha Sud’s height?

Sameeksha Sud stands at [insert height].

How can I follow Sameeksha Sud on social media?

Stay connected with Sameeksha on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest updates on her life, projects, and more.

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