Pori Moni Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Career, & More

Pori Moni Biography

Pori Moni‘s biography is of interest subject to every one. Today we are going to present about Pori Moni’s height, age, girlfriend, family, education, likes and dislikes, career, earnings, etc. In a word, she is one of the top stars in Bangladesh. She has a special reputation not only in his own country but all over the world. So let’s know the special and important information about her.

General Information

Name: Pori Moni
Profession: Actress
Age: 30 Years, 10 Month, 1 Days (LIVE)
Husband: Sariful Razz (2021)
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Personal Information

Name Pori Moni
Real Name Shamsunnahar Smrity
Nick Name Pori
Height 5 Feet 5 Inch
Figure 34-25-34
Weight 53 Kg
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Hair Color Black
Date of Birth 24 October 1992
Age (Current) 30 Years, 10 Month, 1 Days
Religion Islam
Present Address Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hometown Kachubaria, Lakhsmipasha, Lohagara, Narail
Signature Not Available


School Unknown
College Unknown
Educational Status Unknown


Food Fish, Doughnut, Pasta
Actor/Actress Actors: Salman Shah
Actresses: Shabnur
Hobbies Travelling, Shopping
Films Bollywood: –
Hollywood: –
Color Blue
Holiday Destinations Cox’s Bazar


No Image Available


Name Unknown

No Image Available


Name Unknown

No Profile Image Available Male



No Profile Image Available Female



No Profile Image Available Male


Sariful Razz ​(m. 2021)
Kamruzzaman Roni ​(m. 2020/div. 2020)
Ferdous Sourav ​(m. 2012/div. 2014)​
Ismail Hosain (m. 2010/div. 2012)

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Affairs Kamruzzaman Rony
RJ Tamim Hasan


Acting Film: Bhalobasha Shimahen (2015)
TV: 2nd Innings (2013-14)
First Film Bhalobasha Shimahen (2015)
Career Turning Point Best Female Debut for “ Bhalobasha Shimahen (2015)
1st success Bhalobasha Shimahen (2015)” – in which she played the main role. This film gave her one of the Best Female Debut.
Awards Awards, Honours, Achievements:
2016: Babisas Award
2019: Meril-Prothom Alo Awards, India-Bangladesh Film Awards
2020: CJFB Performance Award

Career statistics

Acting Roles

Year Film Roles
2015 Bhalobasha Simahin, Pagla Deewana, Aro Bhalobashbo Tomay, Lover Number One, Nogor Mastan, Mohua Sundori Simana, Layla, Nolok, Dola, -, Mohua
2016 Rokto, Pure Jay Mon, Dhumketu -, Kiron, –
2017 Koto Shopno Koto Asha, Shona Bondhu, Antor Jala Pori
2018 Amar Prem Amar Priya, Swapnajaal Jannat, Shuvra
2020 Bishwoshundori Shova
2021 Sphulingo N/A
20221-22 1971 Shei Shab Din, Adventure of Sundarban, Amar Mon Jure Tui, Bahaduri, Dorodiya, Nodir Buke Chand, Pritilata, Probashi Don, Rana Plaza, Surprise TBA


Salary $ 70k/yearly
Total Income $7 million

Style Collection

No Image Available

Pori Moni’s House


No Image Available

Pori Moni’s Cars



Pori Moni Biography

Pori Moni, whose real name is Shamsunnahar Smriti, is a renowned Bangladeshi actress and model. She was born on October 24, 1992, in Satkhira, Bangladesh. Pori Moni Biography gained immense popularity in the Bangladeshi film industry for her stunning looks and versatile acting skills.

Biographical Information:

  • Full Name: Shamsunnahar Smriti (Pori Moni)
  • Date of Birth: October 24, 1992
  • Place of Birth: Satkhira, Bangladesh
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Occupation: Actress, Model

Career Highlights: Pori Moni started her career as a model and made her debut in the entertainment industry with various modeling assignments and television commercials. She quickly became a household name in Bangladesh due to her captivating beauty and charisma.

In 2013, she made her acting debut in the film “Bhalobasha Shimaheen,” which garnered attention and paved the way for her successful acting career. Pori Moni has since appeared in numerous Bangladeshi films, gaining critical acclaim for her performances. Some of her notable films include “Dhumketu,” “Rokto,” “Premi O Premi,” and “Missed Call,” among others.

Pori Moni has received several awards and nominations for her contributions to the Bangladeshi film industry. Her on-screen presence and acting prowess have made her one of the most sought-after actresses in Bangladesh.

Apart from her acting career, Pori Moni has also been involved in various philanthropic activities, contributing to charitable causes and social welfare initiatives.

Personal Life: Pori Moni keeps her personal life relatively private, and there is limited publicly available information about her family and personal relationships.

Pori Moni’s journey from a small town in Bangladesh to become a prominent actress and model in the Bangladeshi entertainment industry is a testament to her talent and determination. She continues to be a beloved figure in Bangladesh, known for her beauty, acting skills, and philanthropic efforts, making her a prominent personality in the country’s entertainment landscape.

Challenges and Success: Pori Moni’s rise to fame was not without its challenges. Like many in the entertainment industry, she faced her share of hurdles on her path to success. However, her perseverance and dedication to her craft allowed her to overcome obstacles and establish herself as a prominent figure in Bangladesh’s film industry.

Versatile Acting Talent: One of Pori Moni’s strengths as an actress is her ability to portray a wide range of characters. She has taken on roles in various genres, from romantic dramas to action-packed films, showcasing her versatility as a performer. This versatility has endeared her to audiences and critics alike.

Awards and Recognition: Pori Moni’s talent has not gone unnoticed by the Bangladeshi film industry. Over the years, she has received nominations and awards for her outstanding performances. These accolades have further solidified her reputation as a talented and accomplished actress.

Social Media Presence: In the age of social media, Pori Moni has leveraged platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with her fans and share insights into her life and career. She has a significant following on these platforms, allowing her to engage with her admirers and keep them updated about her latest projects and activities.

Humanitarian Work: Pori Moni has also been actively involved in charitable and humanitarian endeavors. She has supported various causes and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of underprivileged individuals in Bangladesh. Her philanthropic efforts have demonstrated her commitment to making a positive impact on society beyond her acting career.

Future Endeavors: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Pori Moni’s career was on a remarkable trajectory, and she was continuing to work on exciting projects in the Bangladeshi film industry. However, the entertainment industry is dynamic, and new developments may have occurred since then. Fans and admirers of Pori Moni eagerly anticipate her future films and contributions to the world of entertainment.

Please note that for the most current information about Pori Moni’s career and personal life, it’s advisable to refer to recent news sources or her official social media profiles.

International Recognition: Pori Moni’s talent and charisma have not been confined to Bangladesh alone. She has garnered attention internationally, with her work in Bangladeshi cinema receiving acclaim from audiences and film enthusiasts around the world. This global recognition has expanded her fan base beyond her home country’s borders.

Cultural Impact: Pori Moni’s influence extends beyond her roles in films. She has become a cultural icon in Bangladesh, inspiring young aspiring actors and actresses. Her style, fashion choices, and overall persona have often set trends and influenced the fashion and beauty industries in the country.

Advocate for Women’s Rights: Pori Moni Biography has also been vocal about issues related to gender equality and women’s rights. Her advocacy for these causes has resonated with many, and she has used her platform to raise awareness about important societal issues, including gender-based violence and discrimination.

Entrepreneurship: In addition to her acting career, Pori Moni has explored entrepreneurship by launching her own business ventures. These ventures may include fashion lines, beauty products, or other initiatives, further diversifying her interests and contributions to various industries.

Continued Success: Pori Moni’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by consistent success, and she remains a prominent figure in Bangladeshi cinema. Her ability to connect with audiences, coupled with her dedication to her craft and her philanthropic efforts, has solidified her status as a beloved and respected actress and public figure.

It’s important to note that the information provided here is based on my last knowledge update in September 2021. As such, I recommend checking more recent sources for the latest updates on Pori Moni’s career, achievements, and activities, as the entertainment industry is constantly evolving.

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